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(1) The provisions of parts 251, 252, 253, and 258 of this chapter shall govern the landing of crewmen as nonimmigrants of the class defined in section 101(a)(15)(D) of the Act. An alien in this status may be employed only in a crewman capacity on the vessel or aircraft of arrival, or on a vessel or aircraft of the same transportation company, and may not be employed in connection with domestic flights or movements of a vessel or aircraft. However, nonimmigrant crewmen may perform crewmember duties through stopovers on an international flight for any United States carrier where such flight uses a single aircraft and has an origination or destination point outside the United States.

(2) Denial of crewman status in the case of certain labor disputes (D nonimmigrants). (i) An alien shall be denied D crewman status as described in section 101(a)(15)(D) of the Act if:

(A) The alien intends to land for the purpose of performing service on a vessel of the United States (as defined in 46 U.S.C. 2101(46)) or an aircraft of an air carrier (as defined in section 101(3) of the Federal Aviation Act of 1958); and

(B) A labor dispute consisting of a strike or lockout exists in the bargaining unit of the employer in which the alien intends to perform such service; and

(C) The alien is not already an employee of the company (as described in paragraph (d)(2)(iv) of this section).

(ii) Refusal to land. Any alien (except a qualified current employee as described in paragraph (d)(2)(iv) of this section) who the examining immigration officer determines has arrived in the United States for the purpose of performing service on board a vessel or an aircraft of the United States when a strike or lockout is under way in the bargaining unit of the employer, shall be refused a conditional landing permit under section 252 of the Act.

(iii) Ineligibility for parole. An alien described in paragraph (d)(2)(i) of this section may not be paroled into the United States under section 212(d)(5) of the Act for the purpose of performing crewmember duties unless the Attorney General determines that the parole of such alien is necessary to protect the national security of the United States. This paragraph does not prohibit the granting of parole for other purposes, such as medical emergencies.

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(iv) Qualified current employees. (A) Paragraphs (d)(2)(i), (d)(2)(ii), and (d)(2)(iii) of this section do not apply to an alien who is already an employee of the owner or operator of the vessel or air carrier and who at the time of inspection presents true copies of employer work records which satisfy the examining immigration officer that the alien:

( 1 ) Has been an employee of such employer for a period of not less than one year preceding the date that a strike or lawful lockout commenced;

( 2 ) Has served as a qualified crewman for such employer at least once in three different months during the 12-month period preceding the date that the strike or lockout commenced; and

( 3 ) Shall continue to provide the same crewman services that he or she previously provided to the employer.

(B) An alien crewman who qualifies as a current employee under this paragraph remains subject to the restrictions on his or her employment in the United States contained in paragraph (d)(1) of this section.

(v) Strike or lockout determination. These provisions will take effect if the Attorney General, through the Commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service or his or her designee, after consultation with the National Mediation Board, determines that a strike, lockout, or labor dispute involving a work stoppage is in progress in the bargaining unit of the employer for whom the alien intends to perform such service.

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